April 25 — village people mag

The Voice of Village People

Village People Mag (VPM) is a magazine specialised in lifestyle, music, culture and street art. We are moved by people and ideas that challenge the status quo and current culture — when the "underground" goes "overground". VPM is the voice of (g)local culture, of the projects and people that are part of this global village: from Alcântara, Lisbon, to the world, and from world to Lisbon.

Village People Voice

Village People Mag is free

Village People Mag is the Voice of Village People

VPM comes from Village Underground Lisboa (VULX) community, but its voice is independent and made by the voices of everyone that are around VULX universe. We believe in the power of communication, in the importance of knowledge. We believe in the power of art and culture as critics of modern societies. And, most of all, we believe in people, and in cultural agents: the artists, creatives, musicians, DJs, graffites, photographers, videographers — creators and thinkers of all kinds — that define liberty of expression, equality and diversity. People that inspire us.

VPM is a container of intentions, thoughts, ideias and cultural contents. On the liberty day (25th of April, Carnation Revolution day in Portugal), we launch a free magazine. Welcome.

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