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Q&A with Ben Turner

During inaugural female-first music conferece, Meetsss, we exchanged words with Ben Turner, a reference in the music world, either for his work as journalist and founder of the magazine Muzik, as Plastikman’s agent or for his vision by creating the International Music Summit. Ben Turner was on stage talking about his journey with Andrea Magdalina in a very open-hearted conversation and also took part in a panel about mental health. It was his birthday, he came from Los Angeles where he left a very pregnant wife only because he knew that being there was essential. He’s a feminist.

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Camille Leon & Sickonce

Do you feel that this event is important?

Yes and that’s why I traveled half the world to be here. I’ve seen the power that the she community has and I’ve been trying to make many efforts to join projects in which I’m involved in. But seeing them in our event in Ibiza was a small glance of what they can be and of what they believe in. It makes every sense that they have their own forum, their own debates, their own discussions and emphasize the issues that are important for them.

I consider very important that men come here, listen and feel part of it. I knew Andrea didn’t want this event to be composed with 98% women but we need to start somewhere… I really think it’s important to hear the struggles women have been having in this industry.

And do you feel you can be part of this change for this issues to be discussed?

100%! I need to use what I’ve created, which is IMS (International Music Summit), a platform that exists for people and for the music industry and I definitely wanna hear them.

No fears for the opening?

Yes. I am open to all critics… Someone said I had shares at and that I had some financial interest and I am really sad and angry to hear that because it shows that people question your intentions. Clearly there’s a worry that people want transparency and so we should transmit how this community exists and how it makes money. I believe it’s important to make that clear.

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